Our lives improve when we discover our compatibilities with the world around us -- with our friends, our romantic partners, our roommates, our workplaces, and with ourselves. We're building a bot that helps us uncover those compatibilities. Compatibot guides us through the process of self discovery, then recommends where to find the things we need most to improve our lives.

What it does

Provides conversational walkthroughs to identify what our preferences are across common domains, e.g. friends, roommates, workplaces, and romantic partners, then refers us to compatible people, options, and resources.

How we built it

Heroku + + FB messenger + .club + watson + harman

Challenges we ran into

Facebook has a 1 week delay to review new chatbots before they're publicly accessible; API.AI and Harman have insufficient documentation

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our bot is live and can talk! It just lacks training :P

What we learned

Bots are still incredibly nascent, and documentation is scarce; Effective human communication takes a lot of translation in order to fit it into bot logics.

What's next for Compatibility Club

Adding new integrations for sharing, sentiment analysis, personality insights, voice recognition, and social activity recommendation; expanding beyond dating to housing, careers, etc.

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