Pets lost in the normal course of things can be very difficult to reunite with their owners. In the case of a disaster, these issues are amplified. The number of pets at the same time in the same area compounded by the issues with communicating with the owners who are often not at their normal homes and phones makes this nearly impossible. Creating a way to report the found and search the ones already found will significantly reduce the number of uses of euthanasia.

What it does

This allows rescuers to photograph the rescued pets in the field and automatically capture the location and time of the sighting. This reduces data entry effort and errors.

How we built it

Cameron wore out 3 keyboards. We ate half of the snack pile.

Challenges we ran into

Our biggest challenges we in understanding the real needs, and building what was needed rather than things that already existed. Basically, we are our biggest problem.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Native mobile application with meta-data automatically captured, and all data stored in the cloud durably. Coming up with many alternate names, none of which were acceptable to present today.

What we learned

How to read blob from S3 and pass to API as multi-part form data. How to call API's from Python. Eric is likely to be unemployed shortly.

What's next for CompassionateBestFriends

Adding a more specific location of the loss than ZIP+4 code. Much snarkiness and more poor quality humor.

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