Here at Compassion Companion, we are passionate about helping others. We want to provide the opportunity for better connections between volunteers and organizations. We noticed that college students often want to get involved in their community, but may not know how. We enable college students to find agencies that best suit their interests, needs and busy schedule. We also make this app fun by integrating popular card-layout styles and allowing users to feel as if they are playing a game and getting "matched" with agencies.

What it does

This app connects Non-profit companies and potential volunteers on a common platform. It narrows down potential matches based on user-specified priorities such as age, gender, distance, and date so that the volunteers do not have to look very hard to help others, and for non-profits to promote their event to and make it more successful.

How we built it

We are rookie Coders with extremely basic coding skills. We built it on different platforms working as a group to build it. First from coming up with an idea, to making a game plan. using various platforms to create a common app.

Challenges we ran into

Had to learn how to use almost everything that we used, to things not working the way we want, to wifi not working properly. and coming up with different data to put in our database, and to creating a database design. And doing all that in 24 hours.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

That our Database works produced a product that could actually be a real thing one day and working as a group to teach each other what they don't know.

What we learned

We learned To work as a group and add new skills as Sketch, Framer, Microsoft SQL and many more and Java Coding. Being new to this gave us a new perspective for building programs.

What's next for Compassion Companion

To make it as a website as a Progressive web app, and make it multiplatform for iPhones, Mac Book, Android, iPad, Windows. To add more Non-profits and volunteers to our Database.

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