Two sisters looking to take on the world of opioid recovery use!


Rose, a person in recovery from substance abuse who lent creative direction & insight!

Trinity, a full-stack software developer ready to build!

Rose's experiences over the past few years and her insight into what tools / information would be helpful as well as Trinity's desire to build an app that will actually help people set this project in motion!

What it does

Provides helpful information for persons recovering from opioid use including an aggregate meeting finder (that doesn't exist anywhere else on the web), sleek drug info page with a low-cost local medication-finder widget, and an editable worksheet.

Insight 1: Drug Info Page

Insight 3: Aggregate Meeting Finder

Insight 2, 4, 5: Psychoeducational interactive worksheet & additional resources upon completion that cover time management, trigger awareness, denial of vulnerability, and how to handle everyday recovery issues

How we built it

Compass Rose was built with Meteor.js. It includes custom extraction & parsing of meeting data from NA, AA, CDA, and SMART & a custom-built HTML version of a popular PDF Matrix Worksheet for persons in recovery.

Challenges we ran into

  • We found out about this hackathon only 4 days ago! If we had more time we're sure we could've made it even better.
  • Building & scrapping multiple versions of the HTML Worksheet after feedback (i.e. an HTML5 Canvas implementation that let users draw every few pages as stress relief, trying out different libraries for HTML->PDF/PNG conversion before realizing users could simply screenshot their answers, and trying to use the original PDF but overlay absolutely-positioned input elements in given coordinates)
  • Deciding not to integrate certain features based off the rules (ex. idea: a tool that allowed users to text/email their worksheet responses or different resources from the app directly within it as their or the receipient's email would still be logged on our server workaround: suggestion of users to screenshot the information as this allows them to send from their own email client or messaging provider without having to post their identifiable data to our servers)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Reaching out to different providers of Meeting/Recovery Stories data & actually hearing back!
  • Building the aggregate meeting finder that we will now share with those providers as a tool for their users!

What's next for Compass Rose

  • One of the suggestions we received that we did not have time to integrate was a tool for suggesting local healthy activities based off a user's preferences

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