During pandemics, it is important to take the right measures at the right time and to make sure that these measures are followed. The way these measures are communicated and how the pandemic is covered are critical.


An improvement of the overall communication could lead to more efficient ways of neutralizing pandemics. Our ultimate goal would be to identify the best way of communication during a health emergency.


Compare media coverage in the world and official health institutions’ communication during pandemics Evolution of how and when official health institutions are relayed by media Evolution of media’s tone Study public’s response


  1. Database creation Articles and tweets from top3 newspapers of each country during H1N1 and Covid 19 pandemics Tweets from official Health Institutions (WHO, CDC, OFSP…) Tweets mentioning pandemic specific words

2.Analyze subject coverage Clustering of tweets via Short Text Modelling Method Clustering of articles via Latent Dirichlet Allocation Analyze evolution of clusters

3.Determine relative timelines From WHO statements to media Between countries

  1. Sentiment analysis Evolution of media’s tone Evolution of public reactions’ tone


Find below all the links to our databases, code and final presentation

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