Inspired by the concept of gamification in business, which research has found to be profound in achieving business goals.

We wanted to create a tool which brings together real time data, business goals, BI and can produce insights into the production process all the way down to the production floor.

What it does

It taps into production data (e.g. resource utilization, on-time delivery), runs analytics and produces KPIs that are relevant to the organization.

These KPIs are then being presented in a way that encourages competition (e.g. between shifts, similar production lines etc.).

How we built it

We used Java for backend using Predix's cloud service. The server exposes a RESTfull API, which allows a complete decoupling between client and server.

We used HTML + Javascript (Bootstrap) to provide an engaging UI, using jquery and Ajax for real time updates.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Producing a live product end-to-end using Predix's platform.

What we learned

The human factor is the most significant factor in pushing for productivity. When it comes to increasing productivity in Advanced Manufacturing, we believe that the means are already there. Using Comparative Insights and principles taken from gamification world, whether it is decarbonization or resource utilization, we will help you achieve the business goals that are right for you. That is why we focused on ways to use technology in order to foster success and healthy competition. We feel that this is the most significant thing an organization can do to change the bottom line.

What's next for Comparative Insights

Integrate with alerting systems and predictive analysis tools to create call for action on the production line. Integrate IoT sensor data into the collected data and provide real time alerts based on data analysis.

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