When we go to the grocery store, we often don't think about the actions of companies that we are implicitly supporting by buying their products. With our app, we strive to make it easier to learn about the environmental and social impacts of corporations and make informed purchasing decisions.

What it does

With our app you simply upload a picture of a product's barcode, and we'll tell you how the manufacturer meets different environmental standards, like whether they test on animals, their total emissions, efforts to manage their carbon footprint, their philanthropic efforts, and more. Click on the back button, and you can see previous searches with ease! Click on the camera icon at the bottom right to upload another picture.

How it works

The app accesses photos and media from the phone. When a photo is selected, the app takes in the UPC code input from the barcode and connects the 12-number code to the manufacturer brand using the UPCitemdb API online. Information about the manufacturer is then the output.

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