The idea for our app came one day, during our lunch break. We noticed that there are a lot of restaurants in our area that offer discounts for the employees of the nearby companies. Company Perks app aims to provide means for managing the discounts and identify the loyal customers by NFC tags. Usually, an NFC tag is the actual employee access badge but it can be anything, from a bank card to an Oyster card or even custom NFC tags branded by the merchant.

What it does

The Company Perks app allows NFC tag scanning. The NFC tag is used to identify the customer and apply the discount to the current open order on the Clover Station. Also, the customer has the ability to self register his NFC card by selecting the company he's employed at.

How we built it

First of all, the app has 3 components. 1) The Android app is used for scanning the NFC tags. This app is installed on an Android device, other than the Clover Station. The Android device will be on the cash register desk, near the Clover Station POS. Using this app, the loyal customers will scan their company badge at checkout time and the discount will be applied for the order. The Android app exchanges data with our backend API.

2) The Backend API is used for handling the communication between the Android app and the Clover API. The backend was built using Parse.

3) The administration interface is used by the Merchant in order to assign the negotiated discount with each group or company and it also provides the Merchant with statistics about the loyalty program. We built the admin interface using JavaScript, Backbone and Parse SDK.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into a few issues, mostly related with the Clover Station's security policy. We decided to leverage the NFC scanning on another Android device.

What we learned

Since this is the first time we play with the Clover APIs, we learned that there are a lot of integration methods available and we explored the REST API.

What's next for Company Perks

First of all, we should submit the app to the Clover App store and incentive Merchants to try it.

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