We wanted to create a sort of AirBnb for pets, where pet owners can lend out their pets to other animal-lovers or easily find a pet sitter. We were inspired by therapy dogs as well as a local community member whose dog has separation anxiety, so he lends out the dog to local University students to walk and spend time with him. It's a win-win!

We came up with the name of Companionate after looking up synonyms for the word 'share', and loved that it contained the word 'companion' in it. More specifically, companionate can be defined as 'tastefully harmonious', representing the community we hope to create with our project.

None of the team members in this group had previously created a web app before, and we were all eager to learn something new this weekend. After some successes and many failures, we have created a website that at the very least, we hope makes you smile!

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