In order to make the lives of caregivers easier we've created Companion to hold all the information necessary to carry out daily tasks for their loved ones. Companion also supports the caregiver when they're away allowing the patient to interact with Companion to seek out help. We needed an application that supports voice recognition so we built it around Amazon Dots Alexa.

What it does

Listens to various queries spoken by the caregiver or patient and will dynamically respond to the query. Queries currently supported: Send help for emergencies, Sends caregiver a text saying your hungry, Doctor Info, Medication Schedule, Dietary restrictions (static data)

How we built it

We built the entire backend using Python 2.7. We used the following Python libraries:calendar, datetime, flask, flask_ask, logging, os, sqlalchemy, twilio, and urllib. We are using sqlalchemy as our database and flask as our webserver. For demo purposes we ran the server off our local machine using ngrok.

The services we used are: Amazon's Alexa Skill Kit, Twilio

Challenges we ran into

Linking our web application with the Alexa App and 3rd party application. Using Amazon Alexa's skillkit. Setting up account linking between the Amazon Dot and our Web App.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Linking accounts with the Alexa App and 3rd party application. Getting the web application linked with the Alexa App.

What we learned

How to build an Alexa skill. Using Twilio. There are many solutions that claim to act as a social assistant for the patient and claim to ease some stress off caregivers but many of them have fallen short of their claims or are currently not in working order.

What's next for Companion - The Care Giver Assistant

Suggest meals that may be cooked taking into consideration the dietary recommendations given by doctors. We plan to use the Amazon Fresh API to allow seniors to order food that fits their dietary restrictions. Seniors can attend meetings hosted within their area. These may be found using Facebook or the meetup API. They can ask if a specific friend is attending a specific event. Caregivers can order a nurse through a respite/proxy care marketplace in order to have a few days off. Remind caregivers of ways to refresh and stay positive especially in stressful situations. Allow patients to make calls through the Alexa app with Twilio integration.

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