A bit about our thought process...

If you're like us, you might spend over 4 hours a day watching Tiktok or just browsing Instagram. After such a bender you generally feel pretty useless or even pretty sad as you can see everyone having so much fun while you have just been on your own.

That's why we came up with a healthy social media network, where you directly interact with other people that are going through similar problems as you so you can work together. Not only the network itself comes with tools to cultivate healthy relationships, from sentiment analysis to detailed data visualization of how much time you spend and how many people you talk to!

What does it even do

It starts simply by pressing a button, we use Google OATH to take your username, email, and image. From that, we create a webpage for each user with spots for detailed analytics on how you speak to others. From there you have two options:

       1) You can join private discussions based around the mood that you're currently in, here you can interact completely as yourself as it is anonymous. As well if you don't like the person they dont have any way of contacting you and you can just refresh away!

       2) You can join group discussions about hobbies that you might have and meet interesting people that you can then send private messages too! All the discussions are also being supervised to make sure that no one is being picked on using our machine learning algorithms

The Fun Part

Here's the fun part. The backend was a combination of Node, Firebase, Fetch and Socket.io. The ML model was hosted on Node, and was passed into Socket.io. Through over 700 lines of Javascript code, we were able to create multiple chat rooms and lots of different analytics.

One thing that was really annoying was storing data on both the Firebase and locally on Node Js so that we could do analytics while also sending messages at a fast rate!

There are tons of other things that we did, but as you can tell my handwriting sucks.... So please instead watch the youtube video that we created!

What we learned

We learned how important and powerful social communication can be. We realized that being able to talk to others, especially under a tough time during a pandemic, can make a huge positive social impact on both ourselves and others. Even when check-in with the team, we felt much better knowing that there is someone to support us. We hope to provide the same key values in Companion!

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