Usually I will not like chatbot because I got the feeling that am chatting with robot which will not understand like human. So, using needs to provide human level conversation. End user needs to feel like he is talking with human. So we made every response typed instead of giving options to users(i.e.which will give Robotic chatbot experience).

Main theme : Everyone problems needs to be addressed. Companion chatbot - Once after the conversation, it gives positive approach which is scarcity in society.

What it does

Step 1 : Companion Chatbot will listens to your problem Step 2 : Provides multiple ways to solve it. Solution will be in various ways(Books, Videos,Websites).

How I built it

Using Facebook messenger product and Once the user interacts through facebook messenger, using utterances and corresponding response is handled in node.js.

Challenges I ran into

Problems to be chosen - Currently chose Work and Family after discussion with the team. Response make the person to be interactive and give feeling like talking with human.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Learnt Node.js - UI framework, Discovered the messenger and features, Connecting multiple applications and makes working as single application.

What I learned

Working Chatbot learning experience from scratch

What's next for Companion

Plan to add more problem areas and make the interaction more like human feeling.

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