Globalization made moving between countries very easy. One day you realize that most of your friends and family now live... somewhere. You still want to hang out, like it was years ago, but it is so hard to organize that nobody even tries. But wait, we can optimize the process!

What it does

We introduce a service making a low-budget suggestion based on the set of departure cities. We suggest a date (for now -- within 30 days) and a destination point that makes the cheapest one-way journey from given places. In addition, the suggestion is supported with a visual map and links to the corresponding Skyscanner search page (for each departure point separately).

How we built it

The service is based on Skyscanner API. It provides us with cached data about cheapest journey between two points at a date; at our side we also cache the data and make a decision about the best promotion.

Challenges we ran into

Bruteforce solution is obviously too slow for production (~4k supported airports and 30 days make a large enough amount of queries), so we had to optimize the usage of API and database as much as possible to provide a reliable service.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We've managed to build a service that we are very likely to use ourselves (and had lots of fun playing around already!).

What we learned

We applied Bezier curves to visualize routes on map; used Leaflet service to work with maps; learned a lot about autocomplete in Bootstrap in case when you have lots of possible variants.

What's next for compañereunión

Automated cache update; date choice flexibility; alternative routes (top-K choice)

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