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We first found a gap in the market when we were talking about competitions and how people go about organizing them. Then we thought to ourselves - we could fill that gap. Whether it is large scale competitions (>40 pax) or a simple 8 pax competition, Comp2Go settles everything for you. We wanted to make an integrated, all-in-one platform in which users can sit back and enjoy their favorite sports while we do all the heavy lifting for you.

What it does

Finding someone to play badminton with you? Why not be the host of your favorite game! Through this app, you can arrange to meet up with other users at a convenient time and location to challenge you in your favorite sport.

If you're the "host", you get to decide when and where the competition will be held. Book a venue through our site . After which, your initiation would be publicized to other user who might be interested to join. Each participant for a particular tournament would contribute to a prize pool, which would in return be the prize reward for the top 3 places in the tournament. Moreover, hosts can indicate the skills level of opponents that are eligible for the tournament.

  1. Create/host competition (set skill level, prize pool contribution, location, duration)
  2. View existing competitions (based on location, prize pool contribution, skill level)
  3. Redeem rewards through points (earned from various categories - participation, hosting, winning)
  4. Randomize opponents and distribute prize pool to the winners of the tournament.

How we built it

Ionic, Angular Javascript, HTML, Firebase (as database)

Challenges we ran into

Some of us have limited experience with software development, hence we faced much difficulty in understanding how the different components of how an application functions. Moreover, staying awake over the night was not as easy as expected.... :p

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Creating a viable and commercial app that could potentially have the ability to scale in the future. We manage to complete the basic features of our application. We also became more familiar with the usage of GitHub, HTML, CSS Javascript.

What we learned

We learned how to use Firebase as a database and Ionic to code out the relevant necessities.

What's next for Comp2Go

It is really fun building stuff! We are going to add additional features to specific sports (for eg: soccer, basketball - adding in referees), sort/filter function for easier client use, add more sports, provide a smoother user experience.

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