COMP was born from my experience navigating the music industry from the outside looking in. I was an outsider who managed to get an internship that I was discriminated against at; I had to learn to make songs and beats from scratch with no guidance or support; I was scammed out of hundreds of dollars trying to figure out how to market to earn more income from what I made; and all in all I still have made less than $400 from over 5 years of work. I knew there had to be a better way for people like me to follow their music passion and launch a career, but it does not exist.

What it does

COMP is a web3 platform for music creation, conversation, and performance. We aim to be the entertainment hub of the next generation of music, and we are building the msuic infrastructure that is fair, trustworthy, and positive.

How we built it

COMP is still being built and we intend to raise capital in order to build a developer team to thoroughly build and launch our platform.

Challenges we ran into

We have been bootstrapping and running a small remote team across multiple time zones. Coordination without funding has been challenging since we are all doing other work to make ends meet.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have been running our website for over two years with a blog and a radio show. We have two working prototypes for one part of our platform, and we have tested and vetted two of our products with success.

What we learned

Being a web3 company, we are operating with uncertainty and still learning the implications of a web3 business model.

What's next for COMP

We want to create a beta dApp version of our platform that we can iterate and build on.

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