This project was inspired by how I found MakeUC 2021 - via eventbrite.

What it does

This is a web application that allows users of the community to organize events and have them displayed on a simple webpage.

How we built it

Initially, I was thinking this to be a front-end based project but it ended up becoming a full-stack one. This project was initially built on React for the front-end and I utilized mongodb along with express for the backend.

Challenges we ran into

The challenge as mentioned previously was that I had to learn a bit on the back-end in order to get the project functional which was my goal for this hackathon. There was some weird styling with bootstrap/react-bootstrap components that happened when I changed the screen size which I had to spend some time figuring out.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Overall, I'm proud of creating a usable application can allow users (given the current state of the app) to organize events and for regular passersbys to be aware of these events.

What we learned

I've learned a lot from this experience, from back-end development with mongodb and express, to connecting the back-end to the front-end, and a new useful API (Auth0) that helps make user login easy and simple.

What's next for Comnect

There's a lot of ideas, some which I mentioned in the video, but in short:

  • Allow the organizer of the event to "cancel" an event
  • Add some verification checks on the event form
  • Sort the events on the homepage by "All", "Live", and "Cancelled"
  • On the user profile, add filter for "Cancelled" events
  • Add tags to the events (gives some info about the event without having to open it)
  • Add labels for events that are "New", "Live", and "Cancelled"
  • Allow users to change their profile information (ie: username, email, password for their Auth0 account)
  • Have location verification using Google's map API
  • Display a map of the location where the event will take place (given that it's in-person)
  • Have an option to sort the events by nearest to a given inputted location

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