The issue of traffic is one that affects all. We found ourselves frustrated with how the problem of traffic is continually getting worse with urbanization and how their is no solution in site. We wanted to tackle this issue in a way that benefits not just the individual but societies as a whole.

What it does

Commute uses ML to determine suggested alternative routes to users on their morning commute that reduce traffic congestion in the effort to reduce urban smog.

How we built it

This was all accomplished using Android Studio (Java) along with the google maps API, and JSON files. Along with sweat, tears and a lot of hard-work and collaboration.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into multiple challenges whilst completing this challenging yet rewarding project of ours. Our first challenge was figuring out how to extrapolate the traffic data from our API and use it to determine which route would have the least congestion. Our other major challenge would be generating our paths for our users to take and creating an algorithm that fairly rewarded points for each less congested route.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were so proud to accomplish this in our limited time with emphasis on our amazing collaboration and relentless effort to produce something not only beneficial to drivers, but also the environment and many other social factors.

What we learned

From this we learned how to collaborate with the goal of developing projects that benefit a range of factors and in no way negatively impact the public, which reaffirmed our belief in the power of using software design to help society.

What's next for Commute

In the future we hope to further improve Commute with rewarding users for taking public transportation, biking or using any other more Eco-friendly route to their destination, allowing us to create not only a cleaning environment but clearer roadways as well.

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