Urban farming is a domain that can offer a powerful response to the effects of COVID-19 on the economy and social depression. The last two months urban farming is blossoming! The COVID-19 lockdown gave many citizens the incentive to grow their own fruits and vegetables leading to a boom in urban farming. This, combined with the fact that the last few years urban and peri-urban farming has become increasingly popular for supporting local economies by creating jobs, fostering a sense of community, improving urban biodiversity and beautifying vacant urban and peri-urban spaces. Several initiatives have been/are being implemented in other countries (mainly in America) where urban farmers sell the goods they produce directly to households, or local groceries. Additionally, as numerous articles and studies underline, urban farming can influence physical activity, psychosocial fulfilment and nutritional choices, ultimately enhancing health and quality of life.

What it does

The idea of the Commurban app is to engage citizens in urban and peri-urban farming methods and act as a crowd-sourced repository of DIY (Do-It-Yourself) projects with step-by-step instructions regarding urban agriculture, smart balcony, greenhouses, community gardens farming techniques, etc. The users of Commurban are also able to initiate large scale projects, such as community projects, i.e. a community garden, where other users are able to join and participate. Community projects aim to increase the interaction between users at neighborhood level, or even city level and create a sense of community work that can foster cooperation and help citizens to produce the essentials. Throughout a planning process, ideas, information and expectations are shared and decisions are made about different options.

What's next for Commurban

Blockchain for enhanced security and anonymity. Product digital ID to enable traceability over the blockchain. Establish marketplace that allow users to buy services/food through virtual coins earned in commurban Re-engineer gamification to increase engagement mechanics

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