I was inspired to build this project because there has always been a lack of community when it comes to story telling. In terms of our society as a whole we have always gravitated towards spreading news and media online rather than made up creative works. With this, people can write and share what they want and the most liked content gets pushed to the top for everyone to see.

What it does

When you go onto the webpage you can write a paragraph about whatever you want. When you are done telling your story from your perspective in one paragraph you submit. Your post gets published for everyone to see and people can then add on to your story with their ideas/thoughts on how the story should continue. After a delay period, the response to your initial paragraph with the most upvotes get pushed to being added to your story and the process repeats until there is a full length story. Stories with the most upvotes will be shared on the trending page of the site for everyone to read.

How I built it

I built this using emberjs, firebase and of course HTML&CSS. I ran into a lot of problems but I learned a lot. In the end I ended up mocking up the design and my thoughts so that I could go home and finish this project because I really want it to become a reality.

Challenges I ran into

The main challenge I ran into was being able to make the content stored in the database change dynamically. I could store the data and have it publish to the site but then when I wanted to tick the comments up with votes and push the highest voted to the end of an original post, I would get errors and firebase would give me problems. As of now, I'm still working on fixing all of these problems so that I can actually make the site.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

On this project, I'm proud that I didn't give up. Usually when I run into a large problem with a project that keeps me from continuing I just give up and move on to something that I can actually do. With this, I kept learning and reading and coding and didn't ever give up.

What I learned

I learned that when you don't give up on something hard you learn a lot, and I also learned that some things turn out harder than you think they are going to be.

What's next for Communiwrite

I'm going to go back to Arkansas and continue to work on this project in my free time. I got a lot of really good feedback from Hackers here at CalHacks and at home so I really want to make sure that this site actually becomes a place people can share their creative writing skills.

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