The inspiration for this app came from our daily lives. We all experience these issues on a near daily basis and feel that it's time that the community can come together to collectively solve these problems.

What it does

CommunityWatch allows users to report potential hazards or other occurrences that require attention from an appropriate authority. This is accomplished by simply pressing a button, filling out some information, and taking a picture. Any user with the app can then view the app and once the problem is solved, the authorities will remove the mark from the application via a simple web dashboard.

How we built it

We used Apache Cordova to implement HTML, CSS, and Javascript code in an Android Webview. In the future, this will also allow us to export to other mobile platforms with no extra coding. For displaying the map, we used the Mapbox JS api and we used Firebase's realtime database and storage.

Challenges we ran into

The location services didn’t work on the phone we tested it on, initially. We also had trouble storing binary data, the images, in a database.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are most proud of overcoming every issue we faced, as described above. Additionally, every team member took a part in working with Cordova, a platform that was previously unknown to us.

What we learned

We learned to work as a team and overcome our differences. As for the code, we learned how to store binary files in a database, an obstacle we previously had not had a chance to work with.

What's next for CommunityWatch

We plan to implement a business model when we release the app, generating revenue in the form of small banner advertisements placed on the app. We also would like to release an Admin Dashboard where the authorities can mark a reported issue as 'resolved' once it is in that state (for example, a pot hole has been filled).


Make sure to download the attached APK file.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to work as a team and enhance our skills in a variety of fields.

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