Inspiration: Mental health support is only offered via companies/institutions and there needs to be a more universal (shared) platform for mental health support

What it does: Through the app, healthcare workers can ask questions and submit posts to a virtual community, which can help mobilize needs and collaborations between hospitals, (i.e. dealing with PPE shortage within the community), as well as form a mental health network for a shared experience. The app can also serve as a rapid risk assessment for hospitals, by capturing lessons learned in real-time, assisting in crisis communication, and raising awareness on supply chain disruptions. This model can be used to prepare for surges in other infectious diseases such as H1N1.

What we learned: Collaborating for the Pandemic Response Hackathon is fun!

What's next for CommunityEmbrace: A Mental Health Network for Health Workers: Short-term goals-Create the app to be shared among healthcare workers in the U.S.; Coordinate with hospitals using (HAN) and CDC to link mental health support resources; Engage with and connect with partners (Asthos, etc); Establish monitoring mechanisms (using word mapping from discussions on platform) to assess mental health needs of healthcare workers. Long-term goals-Data will be used to map the existing response capacity within hospitals and leverage support from the local, state and national levels and Capture lessons learned in real-time which can serve as case studies for future emergencies or pandemics.

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