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It's a simple solution that allows me to meet people who want to go to conferences around the world but with a low budget, like me. And together make that happen.

Create new communities from common events!!!


Hi, my name is Kike Rios and i'm from Guatemala

A few weeks ago I was traveling for the first time to a development conference in San Francisco, I was very excited and scared since I did not know the area

I also did not know if someone from my country would travel to the same conference to improve the experience ... maybe travel together, share Airbnb or Uber, so that expenses were lower, and at the same time ... share with a friend.

So I thought, why not create something that would allow me to meet people with my same interests, coordinate with them and share these experiences.

CommunityBot seeks to help developers (newer or older) to develop new friendships before, during and after events.

It also allows you to meet the developers of your country, your local community.

Creating new relationships and joining more developers.

How I built it

I did not spend a single dollar on infrastructure

Use Lambdas, Api-Gateway and S3 of AWS to execute my code in Node.Js and the information is stored in Firestore of Firebase

What's next

Events from multiple sources and countries Add onboarding page to install bot on Facebook Developers Circles fanpages

Pending approval

Currently our Facebook application is pending approval If someone wants to use it during this hackathon, you can send me an application to my personal Facebook account



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