"Last year, I was in Dharavi, the largest slum in India. Being an informal community, residents cannot rely on the government to provide for them so any initiatives in the community need to be self led. For instance, there was a well in this community used to be a source of life for locals, providing for irrigation and personal use. However, since it became polluted, it can no longer be used and it has remained this way for years. With our commUnity app, a proactive individual can lead the way in getting residents to collaborate in restoring the well to its former glory. This is just one type of use case, with commUnity being a great platform for organizing social community events and philanthropic initiatives." -William

What it does

The commUnity app allows individuals to view, collaborate and create projects within their community. Projects are geographically sorted, allowing residents to find initiatives around them that they are passionate about, join the chat and organize to meet or contribute.

How we built it

The team utilized Java, Android Studio, Firebase, Pyrebase, Flask, Python, Heroku, Google Maps API, Google Single Signon, Bootstrap, CSS, HTML, Javascript, and Geopy to create a fully functioning android and web app.

Challenges we ran into

Accurate location handling; pushing to heroku.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Producing a fully comprehensive Android and Web app in one weekend which has potential for significant social impact.

What we learned

Android and web development; team-work and project management under short deadlines; idea generation and mastering hackathons.

What's next for commUnity

Pending publication on the Google Play store and plans to release on the iOS app store.

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