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Tommy - Video Editing, BMC, Idea creation Chris - BMC, Audio, Business Modelling Kevin - App Programmer, GUI David - Video Editor, GUI, Graphic Design


Social media and the opportunities that can come from an interconnected society. Using technology to build better, stronger communities to stop the fragmentation of communities and the decline in social interaction. The data collected through Community could provide valuable insight into the fundamental interactions between community members and provide government agencies and local council more effective tools for making informed decisions regarding community resources and development.

What it does

The app allows individuals within a community to offer their skills, knowledge, or abilities to others within a community. The basic principal is to engage individuals with their local community in practical ways, such as providing help or assistance to others. Individuals can create user profiles that detail their requests for assistance and the skills they can provide to others. The app collects user data, such as postcodes, usernames, age, requests for help, resources available to them, desired resources, and individual engagement with the local community.

How we built it

Prototyping and app mockup using mockup wireframing service Moqups, Android Studio for app development, and Photoshop for GUI elements.

Challenges we ran into

  1. Lack of programming experience.
  2. Lack of business modelling experience.
  3. Ability to find a decent video editor
  4. Running out of time!!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The idea itself, Kevin's commitment to trying to figure out how to make an app in Android Studio, our efforts as a team and the content we produced in the end.

What we learned

How to model a business and develop a basic business plan. Using app development tools, such as wireframing applications and Android Studio. How to effectively work in a group on a big project within such a compact time-frame. The most important thing was real world experience under pressure and the competitive nature of trying to get an app successfully designed and built in two days.

What's next for CommUNIty

With more experience in mobile app development we would like to develop the idea into a workable application and test the app in the real world, in several communities in Australia.

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