A new rumble strip was just installed near your house. An airport was constructed nearby. A railroad is being built a half-mile from your house. What do you do when your backyard isn't the quiet place that you chose when you bought the house? Is your office now subject to a new annoying screech of light rail cars heading down the track? You want peace and quite and need to make a case to effect change. This project is the answer to your problem of how to characterize and present your issue in an impactful way.

The answer is a community-based soundscape solution: Sonaspace!

What it does

We plan to:

  • Create a product that will collect this data for your location
  • Create a system that collects and manages the data
  • Socially link you to others who may also be affected by sound polluters
  • Form a case that can be presented to effect a change, such as adding new sound barriers

Look for an update for the rest of the sections after our Hackday on May 7th!

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