Comm Play lets you find and organize community service events. Compete with others. Redeem prizes. Give back. And have fun.

Organizers such as Philadelphia PAWS, a local animal shelter, rely on various social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter to advertise community service events. The incentive for people to participate in these community service events are generally due to selflessness and love for their community.

As individuals that attend community service events around our city, we found that there is no one place to find all volunteering opportunities around the area with different organizations all on different services making events around the city hard to find, and thus, the idea of Comm Play was born. All volunteering services on Comm Play are in one place with an easy to view map of all events around you, letting volunteers gain points by attending events while they can compete in the global leaderboard, and in the future, redeem prizes.

What it does

Organizers such as the Red Cross can set up soup kitchen events in order to get delivery drive volunteers as well as volunteers to give out soup to the homeless. The Red Cross can specify the number of points each volunteers get by attending, and after organizers confirm their attendance in the event, volunteers can receive a range of points from 0 - 100. Potential volunteers such as you and I can use their GPS coordinates to see what events are around the area, show different categories of events such as "Emergency Relief", "Mentorship", "Environmental Conservation", earn points as we complete different volunteering tasks, and more!

How I built it

Built using Ionic and Parse for the back-end.

Challenges I ran into

  • Maintaining user sessions which required us to open an Incognito window to remedy

  • Working with an entirely framework such as Ionic and Parse

  • Javascript

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Creating a fully-fledged mobile app in under 24 hours with minimum hardcoding

What I learned

Parse is very intuitive to use without creating completely new Models and write complex database queries. The setup is also painless.

What's next for Comm Play

  • Add the ability for volunteers to redeem prizes.

  • More advanced gamification such as adding trophies, badges, and achievements

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