Facebook Groups are powerful spaces where all people should be able to find their perfect community. While some may find the group search simple, other populations may find the process of identifying, locating, and joining a community difficult. With thousands of Facebook Communities coming to the platform daily, potential community members need a simple way to find groups that match their interests and passions.

What it does

Community Scout takes information from users Facebook profiles (interests, location, gender, friends) and info that they input into our app and recommends the ideal group match for them.

Challenges we ran into

With the nature of Hackathon, forming groups with every aspect of talent you need is difficult. We began the process with the skill pool we needed. As time passed, consensus of idea was a struggle. The developer member decided after several hours to bail.

We learned that while you may not have all the implementation you need, the idea is so important. Working harmoniously to see an idea to finish was a fulfilling process.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Simplicity is the key. Community Scout can be customized with input from Community Leaders to help create a more perfect match. The scouting process can be completed in as little as 15 seconds or as quickly as two minutes.

Keeping with simplicity, the user experience is designed for the most novice user who may happen upon the tool.

What we learned

We learned from community leaders that there's a great need for new ways for members to find their groups. We also learned that numerous underserved populations aren't connecting with groups to create more diverse inclusive spaces for everyone to grow and thrive.

What's next for Community Scout

Community leaders often express a need to be matched with more engaged, diverse potential members. On the other side, a community leader can set up their perfect match for the scouting tool and become a Facebook Verified Match Group.

Since many potential members may not be active in groups yet, directive ads will be placed within Facebook, as well as numerous external ad platforms.

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