Problems that our fellow citizens face during their day-to-day life motivated us to take this challenge in our hands.....

What it does

  It simply gives voice to the people's give them an platform where they can put their opinions and where their opinion is not just another thing but it is a valuable asset to the society

How we built it

   We created web pages into HTML5 , CSS3 and JavaScript  and then linked it to the database created using     mySQL.

Challenges we ran into

The biggest hurdle we faced was linking our Log-in page with the database...although the problem was not the big one but it was a tricky one and really tested our patience :|

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The proudest moment was when our Login was linked with the database...we were on the seventh sky at that moment:)

What we learned

 We got a lot of technical insights and many new technologies and how to use them....but the biggest lesson learnt was bigger and that was the lesson of "PATIENCE",many times we felt like to give up but we persisted and came across..

What's next for Community Reviewal (unite_nitrr, community feedback)

    Although we have some technical drawbacks in our project,but we are determined to improve upon it and take this to large scale something sort of national level.
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