Community Organizations/Nonprofits Team #2


Community Organizations and Nonprofits have suffered greatly during the global pandemic, with many being forced to cancel events and resources altogether. On the flip side, volunteers have often found it harder to find ways to help their community as well as connect with one another in this period of social isolation.

Our team sought out a solution for the dual problem of volunteers losing their community, and nonprofits needing more help with events. This resulted in Coordinate, a web based app that allows both nonprofits and volunteers to create profiles, connect with one another, and help build and maintain a community to thrive during these difficult times.

Team Members

Tyler Tompkins (Team Manager, Backend Developer, Junior Computer Science @ Rose-Hulman) Created the database and backend for the demo. Created the API methods and stored procedures. Scheduled and lead team meetings.

Owen Campbell (Frontend Developer, Junior Computer Science @ Johns Hopkins University) Created the frontend react application for the demo and implemented calls to the api to do basic calls for the demo to interact with the database of nonprofits and events and their information.

Ronald Street (Business/Marketing Communications Management, Communications Graduate of IUPUI) Met with nonprofit grant director on ways to fund the application and incorporate local businesses, collaborated on building the business model, empathy map, and environmental analysis, constructed the customer persona with volunteers’ interface with the application.

Andrew Belec (Business/Product Management, Junior Biochemistry @ Earlham) Met with potential customers about Coordinate, helped develop the go-to-market plan, business model, empathy map, and environmental analysis.

How did you decide on this customer segment, problem, and solution?

We worked with our coaches as well as members of nonprofits within central Indiana to identify issues that both nonprofits and volunteers will be facing during the time of COVID-19. Most importantly, we identified that nonprofits would need a larger, more steady stream of volunteers as events and resource distribution become more isolated and individualized, and at the same time, volunteers were facing increasing hardships in maintaining their local community networks.

Based on this, we decided to design a web-based application that solved all of these problems at once. Coordinate allows volunteers and nonprofits to quickly connect with one another using a database, create and share their own profiles that highlights themselves individually, as well as communicate with one another in order to bolster and uphold their valued communities. We are initially focusing on central Indiana, which already has established nonprofits and a community that would be able to quickly adopt and reap the benefits of Coordinate. Eventually, we plan on deploying the application to various local communities nationwide.

How did your team build and iterate on the solution?

We wanted to focus the construction of Coordinate being not only convenient but a great resource to foster relationships with volunteers, non-profit organizations, and businesses. With it being a great resource within a region it aids in building a stronger community and network.

Key Tools, Libraries, and Frameworks

React React-router-dom Bootstrap Axios SQL SQL Management Studio GoLang GorillaMux

If you had another 5 weeks to work on this, what would you do next?

Volunteer dashboard where nonprofits can see who’s signed up Social media features such as messaging and news feeds for nonprofits promotions Search feature for nonprofits sorted by proximity to user Full customizability for user and nonprofit profiles A social credit score system to reward volunteers

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