Creating a community of various projects and services - ecosystem where projects grow and develop easier.

What it does

Location-based software platform acting as a hub for various services helping people in certain areas to get better visibility, communicate and collaborate more efficiently.

It’s basically an open map-like system allowing people and local (or global) businesses to participate in it using some of the services it provides. Part of them are built-in and developed by us, others - by partner projects and developers thus making the platform extendable and adaptive to various environments and conditions.

One of the biggest problems with crisis projects and initiatives is actually segmentation and lack of critical mass of user to get it going, too big Time to Market.

That's why we shifted our focus to helping other projects develop by providing the base to build upon.

It's not just the crisis project - such ecosystem is needed for more effective society that would be ready and more responsive for any current or future situation.

The information in the platform is anchored to a certain physical locations or areas (location + radius). It can also be seen as layers tagged with category/topic.

The users are able to upvote the information they like or find important. This and filtering the relevant content helps to reduce the informational noise to a much more bearable level.

The short list of relevant projects include:

  • Local community volunteers
  • Online ordering and delivery
  • Social games and storytelling
  • Business survival
  • Community journalism
  • Local crowdfunding

We now have 2 ways of integration with 3rd parties - React-based SDK (powerful and flexible) and embedding with iframe (easy) along with public REST API.

We managed to create several important partnerships in the last month with projects using Open Community Map as service provider.

One of them is Non-Zone project - the global map for experiential and solo-travelers - our platform served efficiently for storing and retrieving project data along with fully customizable UI - dark theme of the map, their own design of all main components and controls.

How we built it

Google Maps API, Firebase, React, Typescript

Challenges we ran into

Finding the right niche to focus on. Building reusable technical stack providing enough value.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Growing community around the project. Finding strengths to keep going. Creating React-based SDK allowing powerful integrations. Built partnerships with real-world projects, fulfilling their needs for custom UI and behavior with our SDK thus validating the idea.

What we learned

There are many like-minded people out there, trying to improve the world around them. No need to compete with them, better make friends and grow together.

What's next for Community Map

  • Building bigger community around the project
  • Building flexible enough technical solution that would work for most projects
  • Creating more value for partners and end users

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