A couple weeks ago a friend was telling me about the research they are doing into solving the brownfields (land areas marked as condemned by the EPA) issue in Calumet. There were a lot of participants that want to put in money, and the land needs it, but due to issues on who's in charge of what and trust issues between nonprofits and fund allocation, a decentralized solution seemed the best approach.

What it does

We create a kickstarter like macro funding platform through which community organizers can publish community improvement projects for possible funding. If they reach their goal, they get the funds and a new financial asset is created, not tied to the owner of the property, but done with partnership of local governments.

The investors are paid back via percentage of property taxes taken from the owner, and the environmental risk is offloaded to the new Aragon organization's stakeholders (investors).

How We built it

We knew we wanted to work with Aragon due to the amazing upgrade ability through ENS system. I had worked on rolling one of my own a couple months ago before I realized that Aragon had a built in system like this. Using this we can do custom namespacing for projects, and serve the data using BigchaginDB/IPFS/etc creating a completely decentralized swarm site for macro funding.

Challenges I ran into

Truffle testing is harder than using remix, so for writing bigger projects which require imports, it's the only way to go. So we were forced to write tests using the truffle framework, which was a big struggle. The aragon framework, while lacking documentation, was pretty straight forward in terms of code layout and very easy to work with. Another pain point was actually building out the front end as we didn't have a lot of front end developers on our team and most of our talent was on solidity engineering.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Working to deploy a custom APM. This didn't make it into the demo due to the amount of stuff we had to do around it, and it was buggy, but that's what I was really excited to playing with so I'm glad I got to use that.

Also we sold white board at the hackathon and had a little business going which was amazing

What's next for Community Jumpstart

Write up a formal proposal and submit to the Calumet Initiative and possibly build it out for them / extend it further to the other such initiatives.

Built With

  • aragon
  • girl-scount-cookies
  • high-altitude-sickness
  • many-cans-of-sugarfree-redbull
  • react
  • solidity
  • some-cans-of-bing
  • vodoo-donuts
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