Community Hub Website

A prototype of a community hub website with news, events, links to services etc. that may be useful, especially in times like these.


I came up with this idea because I wanted to make something to try to help people, and in the current situation, a single hub website for services, support, news and alerts seemed like it may be useful to help people find and access the services they need. The idea's a bit like the 'local offer' councils have here in the UK, which has lists of resources for people and families about special educational needs.

The website itself is based from my existing Github pages

What I learned

  • Knowledge of the bootstrap components and grid system
  • How to host a basic site on Digital Ocean
  • What a hackathon is like :)

Challenges faced

It was my first time using Bootstrap, so it was definitely a learning experience! And I dived deeper into Jekyll than I have before, so I was basically stumbling through to figure out how to do certain things (for example: attempting to auto generate a breadcrumb, how to layout things), but through this I think I've learnt a fair bit about Jekyll, Liquid, and Bootstrap. :)

Technologies used

  • Bootstrap Framework
  • Jekyll
  • Digital Ocean Droplet for hosting

Built With

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