Inspiration : Comes from community !!!

What it does : This is Cloud-computing enabled community empowering tool !!!

How we built it : We constructed our solution by closely analyzing the current Community needs and utilizing Azure Technology to its full potential.

Challenges we ran into : Really, we face many issues in this 24-30 hours..

Twitter API was not working
Azure Credit's deprecation

Accomplishments that we're proud of : Built amazing Twitter Bot and responsive power app

What we learned : Our journey is very exponential :)

We learnt mainly around Azure Cloud technology. i.e Logic App ,PowerApps, Power Automate, bot services.

What's next for Community-Help : we want to make many more featurs on top of this like..

Looking forward to build: 1 >> Add Twitter post images to Pinterest 2 >> When a new post is published on YT, share on Twitter. 3 >> Translate and re-tweet non-English tweets in English.

Built With

  • api
  • azure
  • cloud
  • logicapp
  • powerapp
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