40% of the food produced is never eaten and so we want to help reduce that percentage by recovering surplus food.

What it does

A donor such as a restaurant or grocery store can text "Donate" to 908-768-3222 and they will receive a link to an online form where they can submit the donation information. This information will be recorded.

A food pantry or soup kitchen can text "Claim" to 908-768-3222 and they will receive a list of available donations. They can choose their donation and they will immediately be connected to the donor through a phone call.

How we built it

Developed the Formstack form and integrated it with Google Sheets and Twitter. We then worked and developed the Twilio code in order for people who needed food to easily contact the donors. The Twilio code displays all of the available food options, and allows someone in need to select the food they need and automatically connect them with the donor who has that food.

Challenges we ran into

We stumbled into an issue where we were struggling to get the phones to call each other using the Twilio API.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We're really proud of not what we've necessarily accomplished today, but with the steps and connections we were able to make towards our ultimate goal of reducing food waste and feeding those in need.

Text 9087683222 to try out our demo.


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