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Food insecurity is an issue that affects 1 in 8 Americans. Due to this many food banks are often struggling with food collection and distribution. This happens in a country where 30-40 percent of food goes to waste. There must be a better way to work with the community to help end hunger.

What it does

Together we can connect people to better food!

This application aims to help solve the issue with connectivity. Instead of restaurants and grocers having to call in and schedule a pickup with overworked coordination volunteers they can post what is up for grabs. This app helps calculate lot sizing, optimum routes between locations, and refrigeration needs to make food collection as easy as possible.

How we built it

This application was built in Android Studio and started to be ported over to iOS. It uses Wegmans API, Google Cloud Maps API, and an AWS backend for user registration and data management.

Challenges we ran into

Integrating serverside became quite a challenge to get right in such a short time. We also did not have as much access to a Mac for iOS development.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The little things. The Google Routing API didn't always make straight lines, but when it finally did... WOW!

Getting the Wegmans API integrated with a barcode scanner was a victory for the less experienced programmer of the two!

What we learned

How hard it is to integrate some APIs across different languages and platforms. Wish they could all just get along and play nice.

What's next for Community Food

We are looking to work with Flower City Pickers and hopefully local food providers to bring this out into the community for real! If this is you hit me up!

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