Our society is going through amazing improvements tehnology wise, but progress based on technology is not our sole ambition. society is made up by people, therefore their opinions matters for the progress of our country on all grounds. Hence, a feedback form to help people communicate with the authorities about the current conditions ab development of neighbouring health centres and their society.

Our project collects the feedback depending on different parameters like cleanliness, sanitation etc. The data is saved into a database so that the authority can review it. There are different feedbacks form-for hospitals, for neighbourhood sanitation and water supply etc. The user is required to first register and make an account and then using that account can fill the form.

We used HTML as frontend and CSS for designing the forms. PHP was used for the backend and linking the data from html pages to the database. We have used Xampp local host server in MySql to save the data.

We have never designed a website like this project hence, establishing the database connection was very confusing. also using PHP scripting and designing the form using check boxes etc.

We are now well versed with php. establishing database connection has become easy for us. we have learned so much that we are confident now to design large website projects.

we will try to implement some code to hide the user's identity. increase the security by implementing OTP. ranking the hospitals on the basis of feedback it has recieved from the most users.

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