What do people see stocks as? A form of income? A gambling addiction? No matter their opinion, nobody can deny the consequences of the rise and fall of the almighty market. But can anyone see them? After all, stock prices are stock prices. Housing prices are housing prices. Crime rates are crime rates. They've always been seen separately, but perhaps together, they tell a story.

Community not only draws from the wealth of the Nasdaq Data on Demand API to show the rise and fall of companies' values over months at a time, but it also scrapes the web for the companies' locations, nearby city crime rates, and pulls change in housing price data to provide a comprehensive overview of the effects of stock price changes on companies' surroundings.

There are reasons that this has never been done before; from aggregating data from disparate sources to pioneering temporal visualizations for ArcGIS, every step of this journey has been a challenge. But to see it all come together—even if it is in its infancy—it was an amazing experience we were glad to watch. We've learned so much, from where to look for data, to the most efficient methods for collecting it, to its organization in an aesthetic, easily absorbed way.

But this isn't the end. To reach its full potential, Community can bring in more data like median age, until we see the complete picture of stocks and our community.

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