We felt that it was too difficult to find events and opportunities to connect with the local community. You had to plough through multiple social media platforms to find such opportunities. Often applying for volunteering can be time consuming. Even through websites like, it usually takes a long time to receive approval. We wanted a centralised platform where anyone can easily host and join local public meetups, volunteering work or community events.

What it does

It allows users to create and find local events, meetups and volunteering work. Click a button to find nearby events in your area, and the number of people going. Your profile stores and shows the events you have joined, and the ones you are hosting. Clicking on a pin shows event information.

How we built it

We used supabase as the backend to create new users and store events. We used mapbox library to display the map and place pins. We used react using Typescript and react bootstrap to create the frontend. We used nextJS and github for version control and CI/CD.

Challenges we ran into

Scope slightly too big to complete within the time frame. The frontend and backend is only partially linked. A lot of the frontend still currently uses dummy data.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Learning new technologies in a very short period of time. Although we have not finished, we are proud of all the features we managed to get done.

What we learned

Should put more time into design beforehand. There were a lot of merge issues because of different names, types, variables etc.. between the frontend and backend. Ad-hoc did not really work even though we only had 4 people.

What's next for Community Connect

Complete and deliver all the features. What is not completed: Converting address to longitude and latitude coordinates when creating event. Searching event by name or category. Finish linking the frontend to backend. Having an account with hosting privileges

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