There are amazing COMPLETELY FREE resources available in the community that are underutilized. The Resource Trove aims to empower the community by having awareness of these resources to reach their fullest potential.

Some examples are career services (mock interviewing, trainings, resume help), financial assistance, learning languages, health & wellness, hobbies (free musical instruments to rent, podcast studios, cameras) and much much more!

The more empowered the community, the more we can achieve together.

What it does

A website that organizes local resources by persona (crafter, creator, job seeker, physical activities etc).

How we built it

We built the website using the MERN stack and deployed and monitored security risks with Circle Ci and Snyk.

Challenges we ran into

We started as a team of 2 and tried our best to create the site from scratch. We had to learn new tools that we never used before and dealt with logistical challenges during the day.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We accomplished learning new tools! We are really proud to be submitting and presenting what we've learned and to inspire our peers with our project. We are also proud we were able to keep calm, pivot our scope multiple times and work together effectively.

What we learned

We have never used Circle Ci, Snyk, Digital Ocean and learned a lot about devops. We took a Git workshop together during the hackathon and learned so much about the internal structure of how git actually works.

What's next for The Resource Trove

TRT will continue to be built out for the public to use. We want to use social media APIs to incorporate the TRT feed onto the website. We also want to have a live map with pinned events (using webscraping).

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