We think that DApps (decentralized! applications) being listed and rated in a centralized way is a very weird situation. We want to change this and to provide the community with a tool for decentralized DApps registry maintenance. Our project utilizes well-known TCR concept to create economic incentives for curators to maintain and develop the registry as we expect objective truth will become the main Schelling point for them. Also, we adore IPFS and utilize it for storing curated data in form of standard DApp JSON schema we also created at the hackathon.

What it does

Community Curated DApp Registry designed to provide the wide audience with the objective information about DApps. It can be especially useful if embedded into the DApp browsers. To professional community, it makes it possible to freely add, remove and update information about the DApps (in case they have Registry tokens) under the supervision of community.

How we built it

We have rewritten generic TCR contract ( and built the rest part of the project from scratch on the stack of React JS and Solidity with Truffle. Amongst other things, we have made the DApp JSON Schema (find it here: to propose it to the community as a standard.

Challenges we ran into

At first, we tried hard to make the project in Embark environment but faced many difficulties, lost many hours and finally switched to very familiar Truffle. Also, we tried to use Pluto, tormented with its declarative syntax, and found out that it’s still in the very early version without much functionality. One more problem was rendering images taken by JS front straightly from IPFS (encoding, binary/hex/base64 etc.).

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Everything seems to be working or very close to it :) TCR contract is deployed to Rinkeby (0x81f7cff4e30d8878114111b211f8bcc6c7fa31ae) and working, data being saved and read to/from IPFS, the user interface, in general, is ready and works. There is much to be done, but we have made a huge pile of work on the hackathon and proud of it.

What we learned

Again we learned that it’s better to use proven solutions if things need to be done fast :)

What's next for Community curated DApp registry

We are going to finally debug and test the systemб and integrate it into our Curation.Network project. We hope the project will be well received by the community because of it’s true decentralized nature. Afterward, the project will be launched in to mainnet and further maintained.

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