Overall Concept: Problem vs. Solution


The contemporary problems we aim to fix: In today’s society, people are increasingly socially isolated, divided, living in their own bubble behind their computers, with no intention to sacrifice their time and energy for the greater good, for helping their immediate other.
In this Era of celebrity worship and the “selfie”, belonging and giving back to the community is not encouraged and not recognized.


We are launching Community Coin - a revolutionary form of social currency rewarding meaningful actions in communities worldwide. We proof you belong! Tech-wise, this is probably world's first fully Messenger based coin system. Community Coin invite people to be create meaningful community change within FB groups and gradually, within larger communities. Community Coin will foster an expandable system of trust and kindness. Using blockchain, we transform meaningful community engagement into financial and status rewards. Community Coin aims to motivate people to be kind, open and supportive. In exchange, they will receive our virtual coin.

Ultimate goal: Exponentially more engagement and interaction across members of FB communities

Target: Short-term immediate target: FB group members, FB groups admins Long-term target: members of any community

Set of general beliefs: Earn community coins for giving back to your community Enrich the community one meaningful action at a time Inspire the planet one community at a time


In order to trace the evolution of Community Coin, we would list the following conceptual roots:

  • If Bitcoin is defined as a proof-of-work (PoW), our Community Coin would be defined as a proof-of-belonging (PoB).

  • If the Maslow pyramid of needs is an eloquent example on human wellbeing growth, the COIN COM pyramid of meaningful engagement is applicable to both individual and community growth, with an emphasis on the second. It would become gradually the wellbeing community pyramid.

  • If scientists have reached the conclusion that a regular person does not remember or feel close to more than 150 faces, with the help of the community coins, we aim to expand bonding among people by endless positive actions.

Background and past inspiration: Communities of the past were once unified through their interactions and engagements with each other. Globalisation has lead to isolation. Community Coin recreates a tribe like mentality where members work together to help one another.

How do you obtain a community coin: By performing a meaningful act of kindness, as a member of your community, you will receive a Community Coin from the Facebook group admin

Categories of belonging actions that are rewarded with Community Coin by admins : Coaching
Mentorship Volunteering Social service Community leadership Philanthropy

Once you obtain a Community Coin as a user: You can purchase tangible products provided from our sponsors. You can donate your coins to a non-profit organizations

Community Coin is rewarded on levels as you earn community status. Hierarchy of community coins (levels/layers): Silver (less than 50 act of belonging) Gold (more than 50 acts of belonging) Platinum (more than 100 acts of belonging) If members spends the coins they will still have their community status intact.

Community Coin individual classification: Donated coins (don’t increase value or hierarchy coins) Earned coins (increase value or hierarchy coins)

What it does

Community Coin consist at the moment of two main platforms:


  • Can apply to get into the program.
  • Can receive coins and store
  • Can see history
  • Can give coins to members via messenger referral links
  • Can make redeem offers
  • Can engage with FB admins. They can receive community coins and then distribute them among their most impactful members / mentors / volunteers / sponsors etc as rewards of contributing in the community.


  • An Admin interactive website introducing everyone to the concept
  • Website will also have a place for community members to redeem their points for tangible products


Technical Methodology:

The core platform of Community Coin will be an introductory website. Each FB admin of a group with more than 10K members will be able to submit and application and if eligible will receive a number of community coins to award members of its group. For example, for 10K members, an admin would receive 10K coins. The Facebook group admin can then give the coins to the members that have a meaningful impact in their community.

Community Coin are delivered through Messenger bot linked to the website. We give the link to the recipients of the coins. When they receive the link, the coins are stored in their Messenger chatbot. They can shop and redeem them through the messenger bot. In the future it will be a blockchain universe.

Procedural Methodology:

Given the blockchain technology, worldwide there is a limited number of Community Coin (ex: 20 million). What changes is they way they get distributed.

Each group admin will create periodic opportunities for the members of its group to help each other and to create social change.

Each member that has a meaningful contribution to the group will receive a community coin for each meaningful act of kindness.

Each meaningful action equals a community coin. Each community member who would perform a positive community act would be nominated by the admin to receive coins.

The members receiving community coins can redeem them for tangible products or can donate them to non-profit organisations.

What are the overall consequences of Community Coin: Driving engaging communities It is about the meaning of our actions, not about scale, not about achievement. The group members will feel a proof of belonging to their community by performing positive actions.. You can create more positive energy in the your community and inspire others to rise up.

The impact of Community Coin: Group admins get more constructive help within their group; Group members obtain more recognition and rewards for their meaningful involvement; There are more incentives to get involved; Encourages FB groups to get more involved in the community; Encourages cross-community collaboration; The community gets reinforced by the individual actions.

Goals: We aim to facilitate a consciousness of the impact of our actions. Positive actions will be constantly rewarded with Community Coin. Community Coin easily be redeemed for tangible products.

Invite people with diverse set of skills to help each other and to create community change

How we build it

We have built the whole thing keeping Messenger platform in mind. This is probably world's first fully Messenger based coin system. We have used an exciting app which had messenger permission so we can easily demo. Also the platform will be transferred into a blockchain system in future.

Challenges we ran into

The major technical challenge was the fact that the groups api is depreciated by Facebook. On a conceptual level, we had numerous challenges to overcome: “How not to overwhelm group admins with decisions about whom to distribute the community coins? How to prevent community coins abuse? How are you not playing the system?” By creating a methodology for delivering community coins, we believe we have addressed these issues successfully.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Creating a social currency that would invite people to be more engaged within communities, while being recognized and rewarded for their meaningful contribution.

What we learned

People are motivated by incentives and rewards. By providing a platform through Facebook communities members are encouraged to perform acts of kindness that will have a lasting impact on their communities.

What's next for Community Coin

Community Coin restore the meaningful value in our interactions. Encouraging community engagement.

Technological Goals: The long term goal will be to deploy blockchain technology.

‘Conceptual Goals: Short term: Community Coin becomes a highly efficient tool for Facebook groups. Admins can reward their most active members Medium term: Community Coin will reach across communities, rewarding the meaningful actions of people around the world. Long term: Community Coin becomes a part of our global culture, being accepted as a social currency and attitude.

As additional layers: Each community coin can grow, depending on how many people it can impact, depending on the quality and time of the involvement.

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