As soon as we had read the Bloomberg`s challenge, we knew that this task was the one we were going to choose. As charity had always inspired us, we are happy that we managed to create something (even if it is very basic) that could help the community in some way.

What it does

Mainly, it is a small website with a landing page that has a colorful button that leads the one who press it to a random donation page of a charity case. It has a short description that (we hope) might encourage people to help those in need.

How we built it

As we are freshers at our university, we are newbies in this domain. We have combined html, css and javascript to create a page that will redirect the user to a random one.

Challenges we ran into

As mentioned in the first part of the "story", we were inspired by Bloomberg's challenge, so this is the one we tried to relate to. To be honest, it also seemed to be the easiest one for people that are not used to go to hackathons.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

It is our first submission (yay). We are proud that we learned some basic java-script. The biggest thing we done was posting the project on the internet, using

What we learned

Apart from creating a domain and use it properly, javascript was new to us as well. Of course we heard about it but we never actually tried to implement something with it. So now, we got the opportunity to use it in a very simple way, getting to know how it works and what it is useful for. Classes in css are something we also learned here, along with linking more parts together.

What's next for Community Challenge

Our original idea was a little bit more challenging. We wanted to create a "like it or not" charity application, but we realized that we do not have enough knowledge to implement it. The project itself caught our attention, so we will try to redesign our page.

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