I wanted to build something education related, for people like myself who enjoy to learn. I think the best way to learn new things is via a community, you get to bounce ideas back and forth between people who are interested in the same exact things as you. So, I built something that would help facilitate finding, growing, and communicating with these communities.

What it does

The app allows for people to create groups based on their interests with other people with similar interests. The groups have set meeting days, and locations. There is also a chat room for members of the group to engage with one another, allowing people who may not necessarily be near the meeting place to also have a voice.

How I built it

I bootstrapped the project with create-react-app, and installed modal, responsiveness, maps, back-end, and front-end component and routing libraries and dependencies.

Challenges I ran into

Getting fire base to work perfectly with the front-end took a while. Everything had to be done the right way, and it had to have allowed for any type of data to be added to be added. Another challenge I ran into was getting the design of the website to look simplistic yet efficient.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm particular proud of the design, because I prefer to work with JavaScript, coding, and APIs over CSS and design.

What I learned

I learned some interesting JavaScript features that helped me workaround a few issues I had. For instance, async and await helped get data from fire-base.

What's next for Community Building

Next up is video chat between members via webRTC, more group creation options, an improved messaging chat, and user profiles.

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