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A project for the community, powered by the community

Our aim is to bring the local community together in facing immediate threats or in sharing joyful events.

  • Have you ever passed by a location only to find out later about the show taking place inside?
  • Have you ever visited a new town only to miss the best stake around?
  • Have you ever found you out in a dangerous situation, needing immediate action, only to be frustrated not knowing about it earlier?
  • Have you ever wanted to notify the community about all these?
  • Have you ever found a lost pet wondering around and did not know how to help it find its family?

All of these can be put to rest by active collaboration of the people united with the help of the CommUnity app.

CommUnity emphasizes direct interaction with the events through the location aware notifications, empowering the collaboration between individuals.

CommUnity is a project composed of a mobile app and a web app.

The mobile app enables you to:

  • create events, be notified about them and endorse them.
  • configure your preferences, so that you will receive live warnings just from the events you are interested in
  • only receive notifications when you approach the events location
  • endorse an event only when near the location.
  • see a wall of events
  • filter events on the wall

The web app enriches collaboration through:

  • an overview of all the events on the map
  • a wall of events
  • filter events
  • check statistics of the events

The CommUnity project aims to become an opensource, easy to use and deploy, community driven, customizable platform for NGOs and institutions

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