We thought Hackaton is a great opportunity to try new things such as Pebble developing. As we started to explore Pebble options, we realized that it have a lot of potential and very few apps. In addition, we think exercise could be much more fun and efficient with competitions and friends. One of the things that helped us shape our idea is We actually wanted to create somthing like Kahoot for real excercises.

How it works

We created a simple algorithm that takes Pebble accelerometer data from watch connected to bike, and turn it into number of rpm. With this information, we show live statistic to the competitors, and this competition makes the exercise much fun and productive.

Challenges I ran into

At first, we wanted to use Misfit to develop this idea. As we started to develop with it, we realized that it will be nearly impossible to implement our vision in this device. After a fierce argument, we started over with Pebble.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Although we spent a lot of time on Misfit, we didn't broke up and started over with Pebble. Further more, we changed our idea throughout the competition because we realized that we could not develop the original idea in the given time. I think the new idea is actually SIMPLER BUT BETTER.

What I learned

I learned that the most important think is not to break up even when things doesn't go the way we wanted to. In our case, it actually makes us find a better app!

What's next for CommuniTrain

We think the places we can take our project is endless! there is so much features we wanted to add but has no time. This is just the begining!

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