We are a group of friends that often go out together and we found that we always seem to run into the problem of splitting a bill at a table. We thought that making an application using Interac's money request system would solve all of our problems while also making it fast, safe, and convenient.

What it does

Our app allows us to manage various events that have expenses shared amongst a group. This app is a communal app made for you and anyone you may hang out with. We are able to manage events that have multiple shared expenses and after completing that event, we send out money requests to each individual participating in the event based on the share they have to pay. This allows for a more trust worthy payment as it involves less real life promises, and more digital guarantees.

How we built it

We built our app using a combination of android, google cloud database services, and the Interac API for sending money requests to emails. We use android for the visual representation and as our main platform. We use google cloud database services (FireStore) to store data about you, and all the people you enjoy your free time with. We use the Interac API to streamline the requesting of money after an event has been completed and debts have to be paid.

Challenges we ran into

Some challenges we ran into were cloud services setup, learning how to use the cloud with android, using the Interac API and of course, creating the social media platform with a safety feature according to friendship levels.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of converting Python Json to Java Gson. We are also proud of creating a social platform for group payments, and using APIs effectively for the first time.

What we learned

We learned the working mechanisms of real life money requests, and how to store and manage user information, efficiently using the cloud.

What's next for CommuniPay

Making it a full fledged community application for group payments that depend on friendship levels for the security and promises of paying someone back for a group event. You will also be able to make easy and fast one-to-one transactions, and making group payments for stuff other than social events (Like mortages, rent, etc).

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