Volunteers and communities often have a lot of trouble finding each other, and oppourtunities are often missed as a result of this. Thus having something that connects people who want to help with organizations and communities that needs help

What it does

It is a simple to-go place for volunteers to submit their availability into the system, and communities to submit their demand into the system. This system would then automatically assign volunteers, as long as their is a match.

How I built it

This is build with React for the front-end, MongoDB for DB (cluster in google cloud service), and Restful API to get the connections between them.

Challenges I ran into

Challenges that occurred during the process include not being able to connect to MongoDB on a remote host, instead of the localhost.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud of integrating our ideas and skills together in which a much bigger project was accomplished out of.

What I learned

We have learned more on how to develop an webapp that has a database that tracks all the information.

What's next for CommuniHub

CommuniHub will develop new features and have better matching algorithms in place to make the entire process better. Additionally, this can expand to different geographical locations so that this feature would be available more widely.

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