I got the inspiration from people who are not able to access some messenger app due to age and some other things. Like discord and other types of group messenger, don't allow people under age 14 to make an account. So taking this as my inspiration I made a social messenger in which people of any age can communicate and become social. Instead of making fake accounts

What it does

It helps people of any age to communicate worldwide and become productive with our other two apps. To increase their productivity and networking. The todo app helps people to make their work done on time by giving notifications. And our Notes app allow people to note their things and keep them save

How I built it

I used lots of Web Development Languages like React.js, Html, CSS, javascript, node.js, firebase for hosting and database, JSON.

Challenges I ran into

As of now no problems were faced. But while making the project, I was not able to add the database, but now it works

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I made it on time and made it with my full power and completed it.

What I learned

I learned lots of new technologies and had lots of fun.

What's next for Communication Made easy

As of now after I am done with the project. After the hackathon is done I will try to make it better and add more things or components to it. So that people love it and enjoy using my web apps.

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