Communication for the deaf

What it does

This program translates sign language and back and forth. It also has a inbuilt chat app which can send sign language and English and convert them on receiving.

How we did it

To recognize the sign language signs we trained a neural network to recognize gestures. Using Google's APIs, we were able recognize speech and translate it.

Modules We used

  • OpenCV for python - Image processing module. Install by pip install opencv-python
  • SpeechRecognition - Voice recognition using Google's APIs. Install by pip install SpeechRecognition
  • PyQt4 - Qt ported to python. Download the .whl here and install by pip.
  • SpeechRecognition - Uses google's APIs to detect speech
  • PyAudio - provides Python bindings for PortAudio
  • Tensorflow - Machine Learning module for python
  • Numpy - Linear algebra for python
  • Python 3.X.X - Most python3 versions should work. Install here

What's Next

Convert it into a android app

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