Annually, 2.7 million patients in the United States hospitalized in intensive care units are not able to speak because of artificial airway and assisted ventilation breathing devices. Current methods of care provider-patient communication—such as laminated medical communication boards—are outdated, and frankly dangerous. Patients are often reduced to rudimentary physical gestures, resulting in miscommunication and misinterpretation. According to the Journal of Patient Safety, miscommunication is a major cause of medical error and may be the third leading cause of death in America. Further to this, researchers have found that improving communication between health providers and patients can reduce patient injuries from medical errors by 30 percent.

What it does

Introducing CommuniCare... a re-imagined approach to the design of medical communication boards to humanize communication and to help patients regain control of their lives. CommuniCare is a tablet app designed to allow patients, such as those who require medical ventilation, to properly communicate with their practitioners and care providers to regain control of their care and well-being. CommuniCare has been designed to reduce the feelings fear, frustration, anxiety, and anger that can come with medical miscommunication. This increased communication comforts the patient, while reassuring care providers. Both care providers and patients alike will benefit from this increased communication, giving each party the confidence to proceed with treatment in any way they see fit.

Use Case Scenario

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We’ve created a storyboard to provide a visual representation of how CommuniCare could be used in an actual scenario. This storyboard acts as a tool to visually predict and explore the user’s experience with the product, how the app solves the challenges user’s currently encounter, and to help understand the flow of people’s interaction with the product over time, illustrating expectations and a clear sense of what is really important for the users.

How We Built It

We created this prototype in within a 48 hour timeframe during the Yale CBIT Healthcare Hackathon. With guidance from our mentor group, we were able to come up with a viable product to help hospitals save money, reduce patient risk for adverse events, enhance patient care, bridge gaps in communication, and deliver data regarding the frequency of patient requests and care provider needs.

Challenges We Ran Into

Time constraints were certainly a challenge to work with throughout this event. However, without the need for a fully developed solution, we were able to focus on the value of the product, the UX, and how to best serve those who are most vulnerable.

Built With

  • figma
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